Google SERP Snippet Character Limit and ASCII Art

by SEO Mofo Jul 15th, 2012 SERP Experiments

Google SERP snippets are no longer being truncated after 156 characters, and I fail miserably to relive my SERP snippet ASCII art glory days.

Google Indexes All Title Words; Only First 12 Count As Title Hits

by SEO Mofo Jun 28th, 2012 SERP Experiments

Another experiment with Google SERPs. This time to find out: Does Google’s 12-word Indexer Limit Exclude Stop Words?

trill titi tit tirl tilt till til tiff ti rill rift riff fritt rif lit liri lilt li ill lift jilt jill iff frit frill flit flirt fli

by SEO Mofo Jun 27th, 2012 SERP Experiments

This SERP experiment is designed to answer the question: If the words are short, will Google index more than 12 words from a page title?

In thi till trill little litter fill! | Is it illicitly lil’ lilli! | If I fill ill jill I’ll frill thrill!

by SEO Mofo Jun 17th, 2012 SERP Experiments

This experiment is intended to test whether or not Google uses character pixel widths to determine where to truncate SERP titles.

Mofo vs. Mangler, Round 2

by SEO Mofo Jan 27th, 2012 SERP Experiments

After taking a beating from The Mangler in Round 1, SEOmofo is back in the cage with a little help from Abe Lincoln.

If Google changes your SERP title, does the original title’s content still count towards the page’s relevance score?

by SEO Mofo Jan 26th, 2012 SERP Experiments

If Google refuses to display your ugly, keyword-stuffed title in its SERPs–but it still gives your page credit for having keyword in the title–then the time-consuming task of balancing SEO-friendly and User-friendly just got a helluva lot easier, didn’t it?


by SEO Mofo Jan 19th, 2012 SERP Experiments

It’s possible that Google completely ignores character counts now and only cares about the rendered width. To test whether or not this is true, I’ve used a title and meta description on this page that consist mostly of pipe characters.

How Many Characters in Google’s *New* SERP Title? Snippet? URL?

by SEO Mofo Jan 17th, 2012 Experiments
What is the maximum number of characters in Google’s *New* SERP Title? Snippet? URL?

Easily analyze the content in Google’s SERP components and find out for yourself what the most-recent character limits are!

Badass SEO Guest Blogging Contest Entry

by SEO Mofo Oct 18th, 2011 Advanced SEO
Badass SEO Guest Blogging Contest Entry

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present my entry into the 2nd Annual Bad Ass SEO Guest Blogging Contest!

Google Search Results Suck: Exhibit C

by SEO Mofo Jul 8th, 2011 Google Sucks

After 15 years of cutting-edge research in the field of natural language processing, Google still sucks at understanding English.

Dubai SEO Company Receives Harsh Sentence for Stealing Meta Tags

by SEO Mofo May 17th, 2011 Reputation Management

Some asshole SEO wannabe in Dubai stole my prized Meta description content and claimed credit for it. This post is my response.

An Example of Why You SHOULD NOT Let Google Crawl Your JavaScript Code

by SEO Mofo Mar 22nd, 2011 Advanced SEO
Why You SHOULD NOT Let Google Crawl Your JavaScript Code

Google’s reckless misinterpretation of your JavaScript code could end up causing real damage to your website’s rankings and indexation.

Google Fucked My Camel

by SEO Mofo Mar 15th, 2011 Google Sucks
Google Fucked My Camel...

This post shows how Google inexplicably turned all my CamelCase content into lowercase letters before using it to form SERP snippet titles.

Google Profiles’ New Privacy Options: Use Your Full Name or Be Deleted

by SEO Mofo Mar 9th, 2011 Google Sucks

Right now, the single greatest threat to your personal privacy is Google. You absolutely cannot trust Google with your private information.

Google Search Results Suck: Exhibit B

by SEO Mofo Feb 25th, 2011 Google Sucks
Google sucks; DuckDuckGo is still the best search engine

More evidence that Google’s search results suck ass and DuckDuckGo is still awesome.

Google Instant Previews Experiment #01 – When is the Screen Captured?

by SEO Mofo Feb 20th, 2011 Experiments
Google Instant Previews Experiment #01

Google Instant Previews Experiment #01 – When is the Screen Captured? Find out how lazy-loading content might affect your SERP preview.

Google Search Results Suck: Exhibit A

by SEO Mofo Feb 9th, 2011 Google Sucks
Google Search Results Suck

Evidence is presented that supports allegations that Google’s search results have reached an unprecedented level of felonious SUCK.

SEO Columbus

by SEO Mofo Feb 7th, 2011 Reputation Management
Joe Rosza - SEO Columbus

This is my tribute to Joe Rozsa, who thought he could bully Mike “Columbus SEO” Halvorsen with bullshit trademark claims and scare tactics.

How to Spam Your Competitors’ Search Results

by SEO Mofo Dec 2nd, 2010 Experiments

An experiment in which I attempt to spam Matt Cutts’ search results with fake endorsements for my SEO services–all whilst trying to hijack a subdomain.

Hey, Matt Cutts, I’m using JavaScript to hide links from Google, cool?

by SEO Mofo Jun 16th, 2010 SEO Ethics

Lazy-loading affiliate marketing links can minimize page load times and PageRank loss, but does it violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Advanced SEO for Affiliate Marketing Links

by SEO Mofo Jun 14th, 2010 Advanced SEO
Advanced SEO for Affiliate Marketing Links

These advanced SEO techniques were developed specifically for affiliate marketers. Optimized for page speed, PageRank, and accessibility.

NEW Google Logo: High-quality PNG Image with Transparent Background

by SEO Mofo May 24th, 2010 Reputation Management
New Google Logo on Transparent Background

I was having trouble finding a high-resolution copy of the new Google logo, so I made my own png file with a fully transparent background.

Identify rel=”nofollow” Links without Viewing the HTML Source Code

by SEO Mofo Apr 23rd, 2010 Advanced SEO

Improve your advanced SEO skills by being able to easily identify links that cannot be crawled nor flow PageRank, e.g. iframes and rel="nofollow" links.

Trick People into Subscribing to Your Blog With a Fake FeedBurner Icon

by SEO Mofo Apr 15th, 2010 Marketing
Trick People into Subscribing to Your Blog With a Fake FeedBurner Icon

A custom FeedBurner icon is a subtle way to peer-pressure visitors into subscribing to your blog. It’s like saying, “Come on, man…everybody’s doin’ it!”

New ‘Comments Are Closed’ Filter Hooks for Thesis 1.7

by SEO Mofo Apr 13th, 2010 Thesis Theme
New 'Comments Are Closed' Filter Hooks for Thesis 1.7

Looking at the code of the newly-released Thesis 1.7 theme for WordPress, I found 2 new filters: thesis_comments_closed and thesis_comments_link_closed.

Page Speed Optimization Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

by SEO Mofo Apr 12th, 2010 Page Speed

Site speed is now a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Here are some tips for optimizing your page load times, for SEO, SEM, and social media folks.

Page Speed: 6 Small Images vs. 1 Large Image

by SEO Mofo Apr 12th, 2010 Experiments

This experiment compares the page load times of two different versions of social media widgets: one that uses 6 images vs. one that uses 1 image.

U.S. Department of Justice Uses Social Media …to Incriminate You

by SEO Mofo Mar 22nd, 2010 AntiSocial Media
U.S. Department of Justice Uses Social Media to Incriminate You

The goal of this post is to increase awareness of how the United States government uses social media to gather incriminating information about US citizens.

What is the Maximum Character Length for a URL that Google Will Index?

by SEO Mofo Feb 23rd, 2010 Experiments

This experiment tries to find an answer to the question of how many characters long a URL can be and still get crawled and indexed by Google.

Matt McGee is a Bitch, Danny Sullivan is a Poseur, & Sphinn Sucks

by SEO Mofo Feb 16th, 2010 Reputation Management

My Sphinn account was deleted and many of you are wondering why. Here’s the story behind why my content will never again grace the front page of Sphinn.

Install the TweetMeme Retweet Button… WITHOUT the Slow Page Loads!

by SEO Mofo Feb 10th, 2010 Page Speed
Install the TweetMeme Retweet Button... WITHOUT the Slow Page Loads!

If you use the TweetMeme Retweet Button on your WordPress blog or website, find out how to install it without slowing down your page speed.

WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed

by SEO Mofo Feb 1st, 2010 AntiSocial Media
WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed

Enabling comments and custom Gravatars on your WordPress blog can encourage visitors to participate, but it also negatively impacts your page speed.

Evil Found in Google Sidewiki Patent

by SEO Mofo Jan 6th, 2010 Google Patents
Evil Found in Google Sidewiki Patent

We’ve all heard the Google motto, Don’t be evil, but that didn’t stop them from incorporating evil into Sidewiki or making it accessible to evil users.

Customize Your Robots Meta Tags in Thesis

by SEO Mofo Jan 4th, 2010 Thesis Theme
Customize Your Robots Meta Tags in Thesis

This post shows you how to customize the robots meta tag for each type of page on your blog–assuming you are using the Thesis theme for WordPress.

First Changes to My New WordPress Installation

by SEO Mofo Jan 2nd, 2010 WordPress
First month of changes to new Thesis WordPress installation

This page lists the changes I made to my site during the first month after I installed Thesis/WordPress. It might give you ideas for a fresh WP install.

Thesis Comment Form Border Fix

by SEO Mofo Dec 28th, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis Comment Form Border Fix

If you use the Thesis WordPress theme and you’ve selected the option to ‘Show list of allowed HTML tags,’ then your comment form borders need this fix.

How to Design a Custom Twitter Background Image

by SEO Mofo Dec 14th, 2009 AntiSocial Media
How to Design a Custom Twitter Background Image

This guide shows you how to design a custom Twitter background image that looks great on any screen resolution and sends a professional first impression.

Google Turned My Plain Text URL Into a Link

by SEO Mofo Dec 8th, 2009 Experiments
Google Turned My Plain Text URL Into a Link

I found at least one example of Google treating a text URL like a link. However, what I found is not an intentional use of text URLs as a ranking signal.

Natural SEO-friendly Permalinks in WordPress

by SEO Mofo Dec 1st, 2009 WordPress
Natural Permalinks

In this article, I will show you exactly how I achieved natural, SEO-friendly permalinks in WordPress, by installing plugins and customizing settings.

Stupid People Hate Twitter’s New Retweet

by SEO Mofo Nov 20th, 2009 AntiSocial Media
Stupid People Hate Twitter’s New Retweet

Approximately 98% of the World’s population recently discovered Twitter’s new retweet feature and went into an emotional frenzy of stupid complaints.

How to Monitor Google Sidewiki Comments

by SEO Mofo Nov 16th, 2009 Reputation Management
How to monitor your Google Sidewiki comments

Google’s Sidewiki toolbar feature is a novelty at best. At worst, it’s a megaphone in the hands of an irate customer standing in the middle of your store.

Bestest Way to Research Google Patents

by SEO Mofo Nov 4th, 2009 Google Patents
Best way to research Google patents

For researching the latest patents and patent applications assigned to Google, you should NOT be using the website. Use my recommendation instead.

Thesis Phi-Column Layout

by SEO Mofo Nov 3rd, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis Phi-column layout

A post describing how to format a Thesis 3-column layout so that the width of each column is in the golden ratio (phi) to the width of its adjacent columns.

Nokia Promo Spam Email

by SEO Mofo Oct 30th, 2009 Marketing
Nokia Promo Spam Email

I critique a lame spam email that claims I’ve won some kind of Nokia promotion and am entitled to a bunch of British pounds sterling, whatever those are.

Add Rounded Corners to Thesis’ Menu

by SEO Mofo Oct 30th, 2009 Thesis Theme
How to add rounded corners to the Thesis nav menu

This is a quick tip I discovered while messing around with my custom Thesis styles. It shows you the CSS code that creates rounded corners for the nav menu.

Thesis 1.6 Made This Post Irrelevant

by SEO Mofo Oct 25th, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis 1.6 made this post obsolete

What started out as a weak post only became WEAKER, once I realized that everything I said became obsolete about 6 days ago when Thesis 1.6 was released.


by SEO Mofo Mar 24th, 2009 SERP Experiments

Gerald, from San Francisco SEM company, Red Bricks Media, asks: “What would happen if you tested a title of one word with 80 W’s?”


by SEO Mofo Feb 9th, 2009 SERP Experiments

Google SERP Snippet Experiment No. 2 I have updated the Title again. This time, let’s see if I can get my snippet to go the entire width of the SERP… SERP Experiment No. 3 »


by SEO Mofo Jan 18th, 2009 SERP Experiments

I made the Title of this page 70 characters long and filled it with lots of capital letters and W’s to make it obnoxiously wide.