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Who are you?

My name is Darren Slatten. Some people call me by my middle name: World’s Greatest SEO. However, I usually go by SEO Mofo, because it’s easier to remember, and I feel like it better represents my personal style and the content of this site.

Why do you claim to be the World’s Greatest SEO?

I originally started calling myself that because I wanted to get a rise out of people. Specifically, I wanted my ideas and comments to be scrutinized and challenged by other SEOs. Also, I needed some kind of SEO-related phrase to optimize my website for. [World's Greatest SEO] was a relatively worthless keyword, so no one else had any content optimized for it. Even though this website was nothing more than a simple home page, I was able to grab the top ranking in Google with virtually no effort whatsoever. Since then, a few smart asses have tried to outrank me for it…but ultimately, they were no match for my godlike SEO skills.

Do you really believe you’re the best SEO in World?

Yes, absolutely.

What makes you so sure?

First of all, I have a much higher IQ than most people. Second of all, I have a much stronger reading comprehension than most people. And third of all, I have no social life. By combining these 3 characteristics, I’m able to read/learn/study SEO and computer science at an unprecedented, supernatural pace. I burn through 500-page textbooks faster than most people use up toilet paper. I subscribe to dozens of blogs, stalk Google regularly, and print out 20+ page academic papers and IR patents so I can highlight interesting points and make notes in the side margins. I have the most SEO-related knowledge of anyone I’ve ever met, and I have a brain that makes John Travolta in Phenomenon look like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.

What’s the point of this website?

Well, believe it or not, the point is to teach. After countless hours of reading and researching SEO-related computer science, I’ve developed an overwhelming urge to regurgitate that information all over everyone else. I believe that to really understand a topic, you have to be able to teach it. I have way too much information loosely bouncing around in my head, and once I get it down on paper, I think a lot of that information will settle in and take root.

Do you work for an internet marketing/SEO company?

No. I do freelance SEO consulting for a small number of select clients, but most of my time is spent on personal projects like this website.

Do you make any money from this website?

No, not yet. This site is still in its infancy, but as its content and traffic continue to grow, I will be implementing standard monetization strategies, like paid advertisements and affiliate links. A lot of the tools and software that I use on a daily basis have affiliate programs, so it makes sense to start there.

In my opinion, most internet marketers and affiliates are lying pieces of shit, who over-hype their advertisers’ products because they care more about making money than they do about their own integrity. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with being 100% honest, no matter the cost (which might explain my dismal social life). If a product sucks, I’m going to explain in detail why I think it sucks…but I’ll still offer my readers a link to the place where they can buy it.

Wait…then how will you ever make sales?

That’s easy! By targeting the following audience:

  • people who don’t believe me
  • people who don’t understand what I’m saying
  • people who love products that suck

How many SEO/SEM conferences have you been a speaker at?

None. I hate public speaking. It scares me.

What is the next SEO/SEM conference you plan on attending?

I don’t attend conferences unless someone pays my way. Seeing as how I don’t represent any SEO companies and I never speak at conferences…there’s a good chance I’ll never attend one again. If you want to meet me at the next conference, buy me a plane ticket, hotel accommodations, a conference pass (the most expensive one available), and give me money for food and cab fares. Then I’ll consider it.