SERP Experiments

Google SERP Snippet Character Limit and ASCII Art

by SEO Mofo Jul 15th, 2012 SERP Experiments

Google SERP snippets are no longer being truncated after 156 characters, and I fail miserably to relive my SERP snippet ASCII art glory days.

Google Indexes All Title Words; Only First 12 Count As Title Hits

by SEO Mofo Jun 28th, 2012 SERP Experiments

Another experiment with Google SERPs. This time to find out: Does Google’s 12-word Indexer Limit Exclude Stop Words?

trill titi tit tirl tilt till til tiff ti rill rift riff fritt rif lit liri lilt li ill lift jilt jill iff frit frill flit flirt fli

by SEO Mofo Jun 27th, 2012 SERP Experiments

This SERP experiment is designed to answer the question: If the words are short, will Google index more than 12 words from a page title?

In thi till trill little litter fill! | Is it illicitly lil’ lilli! | If I fill ill jill I’ll frill thrill!

by SEO Mofo Jun 17th, 2012 SERP Experiments

This experiment is intended to test whether or not Google uses character pixel widths to determine where to truncate SERP titles.

Mofo vs. Mangler, Round 2

by SEO Mofo Jan 27th, 2012 SERP Experiments

After taking a beating from The Mangler in Round 1, SEOmofo is back in the cage with a little help from Abe Lincoln.

If Google changes your SERP title, does the original title’s content still count towards the page’s relevance score?

by SEO Mofo Jan 26th, 2012 SERP Experiments

If Google refuses to display your ugly, keyword-stuffed title in its SERPs–but it still gives your page credit for having keyword in the title–then the time-consuming task of balancing SEO-friendly and User-friendly just got a helluva lot easier, didn’t it?


by SEO Mofo Jan 19th, 2012 SERP Experiments

It’s possible that Google completely ignores character counts now and only cares about the rendered width. To test whether or not this is true, I’ve used a title and meta description on this page that consist mostly of pipe characters.


by SEO Mofo Mar 24th, 2009 SERP Experiments

Gerald, from San Francisco SEM company, Red Bricks Media, asks: “What would happen if you tested a title of one word with 80 W’s?”


by SEO Mofo Feb 9th, 2009 SERP Experiments

Google SERP Snippet Experiment No. 2 I have updated the Title again. This time, let’s see if I can get my snippet to go the entire width of the SERP… SERP Experiment No. 3 »


by SEO Mofo Jan 18th, 2009 SERP Experiments

I made the Title of this page 70 characters long and filled it with lots of capital letters and W’s to make it obnoxiously wide.