Google Search Results Suck: Exhibit A

by SEO Mofo on Feb 9th, 2011

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I’ve been watching Google’s search results decline in quality and relevance for several years now. Not a day goes by where I’m not completely disgusted by the garbage I find in Google’s SERPs. Sometimes the search results are so mind-blowingly-shitty that I feel obligated to document my findings and publish them for others to see.

2/15/2011 UPDATE: For a better understanding of why Google sucks so bad at determining synonyms, check out this Google patent: Document-based synonym generation

And on that note, I’d like to submit the People’s “Exhibit A” into evidence:

Google sucks

Google’s Charges

Based on the evidence presented above, the People are charging the defendant, Google, with the following crimes:

  • Producing and Distributing Counterfeit Goods: the evidence clearly shows Google returning at least one search result that intentionally mislead the victim by representing the word these as a synonym for thesis.
  • Aiding and Abetting: the evidence shows Google returning at least one search result that it knew or should have known to be the result of spamming, hacking, or other related crimes against relevance.
  • Breach of Contract: the Defendant had previously made statements claiming that it would NOT ignore the underscore character[1], but “Exhibit A” clearly shows Google returning search results that contain the fragments ie and clear…without any regard for the missing underscore.

1. “The underscore symbol _ is not ignored when it connects two words, e.g. [ quick_sort ].”
-Google, Punctuation that is not ignored

Need a Better
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In the comments section, one of my valued readers pointed out that DuckDuckGo also returns the hacked page–implying that it’s not a better search engine than Google. Therefore, I’ve updated this post with the image below, which shows that yes, both search engines return nearly-identical SERP snippets. However, the image also shows that Google has bolded the word these as if it’s a synonym for thesis–which is not the kind of stupid error you’d expect from a multi-billion dollar company who’s been dominating the search market for years. Not to mention…the word these is a stop word anyway, so it shouldn’t even be bolded to begin with.

Bottom line: DuckDuckGo is better than Google.

Google vs. DuckDuckGo