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Dubai SEO Company Receives Harsh Sentence for Stealing Meta Tags

by SEO Mofo May 17th, 2011 Reputation Management

Some asshole SEO wannabe in Dubai stole my prized Meta description content and claimed credit for it. This post is my response.

SEO Columbus

by SEO Mofo Feb 7th, 2011 Reputation Management
Joe Rosza - SEO Columbus

This is my tribute to Joe Rozsa, who thought he could bully Mike “Columbus SEO” Halvorsen with bullshit trademark claims and scare tactics.

NEW Google Logo: High-quality PNG Image with Transparent Background

by SEO Mofo May 24th, 2010 Reputation Management
New Google Logo on Transparent Background

I was having trouble finding a high-resolution copy of the new Google logo, so I made my own png file with a fully transparent background.

Trick People into Subscribing to Your Blog With a Fake FeedBurner Icon

by SEO Mofo Apr 15th, 2010 Marketing
Trick People into Subscribing to Your Blog With a Fake FeedBurner Icon

A custom FeedBurner icon is a subtle way to peer-pressure visitors into subscribing to your blog. It’s like saying, “Come on, man…everybody’s doin’ it!”

Matt McGee is a Bitch, Danny Sullivan is a Poseur, & Sphinn Sucks

by SEO Mofo Feb 16th, 2010 Reputation Management

My Sphinn account was deleted and many of you are wondering why. Here’s the story behind why my content will never again grace the front page of Sphinn.

How to Monitor Google Sidewiki Comments

by SEO Mofo Nov 16th, 2009 Reputation Management
How to monitor your Google Sidewiki comments

Google’s Sidewiki toolbar feature is a novelty at best. At worst, it’s a megaphone in the hands of an irate customer standing in the middle of your store.