New ‘Comments Are Closed’ Filter Hooks for Thesis 1.7

by SEO Mofo Apr 13th, 2010 Thesis Theme
New 'Comments Are Closed' Filter Hooks for Thesis 1.7

Looking at the code of the newly-released Thesis 1.7 theme for WordPress, I found 2 new filters: thesis_comments_closed and thesis_comments_link_closed.

Install the TweetMeme Retweet Button… WITHOUT the Slow Page Loads!

by SEO Mofo Feb 10th, 2010 Page Speed
Install the TweetMeme Retweet Button... WITHOUT the Slow Page Loads!

If you use the TweetMeme Retweet Button on your WordPress blog or website, find out how to install it without slowing down your page speed.

WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed

by SEO Mofo Feb 1st, 2010 AntiSocial Media
WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed

Enabling comments and custom Gravatars on your WordPress blog can encourage visitors to participate, but it also negatively impacts your page speed.

Customize Your Robots Meta Tags in Thesis

by SEO Mofo Jan 4th, 2010 Thesis Theme
Customize Your Robots Meta Tags in Thesis

This post shows you how to customize the robots meta tag for each type of page on your blog–assuming you are using the Thesis theme for WordPress.

First Changes to My New WordPress Installation

by SEO Mofo Jan 2nd, 2010 WordPress
First month of changes to new Thesis WordPress installation

This page lists the changes I made to my site during the first month after I installed Thesis/WordPress. It might give you ideas for a fresh WP install.

Thesis Comment Form Border Fix

by SEO Mofo Dec 28th, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis Comment Form Border Fix

If you use the Thesis WordPress theme and you’ve selected the option to ‘Show list of allowed HTML tags,’ then your comment form borders need this fix.

Natural SEO-friendly Permalinks in WordPress

by SEO Mofo Dec 1st, 2009 WordPress
Natural Permalinks

In this article, I will show you exactly how I achieved natural, SEO-friendly permalinks in WordPress, by installing plugins and customizing settings.

Thesis Phi-Column Layout

by SEO Mofo Nov 3rd, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis Phi-column layout

A post describing how to format a Thesis 3-column layout so that the width of each column is in the golden ratio (phi) to the width of its adjacent columns.

Add Rounded Corners to Thesis’ Menu

by SEO Mofo Oct 30th, 2009 Thesis Theme
How to add rounded corners to the Thesis nav menu

This is a quick tip I discovered while messing around with my custom Thesis styles. It shows you the CSS code that creates rounded corners for the nav menu.

Thesis 1.6 Made This Post Irrelevant

by SEO Mofo Oct 25th, 2009 Thesis Theme
Thesis 1.6 made this post obsolete

What started out as a weak post only became WEAKER, once I realized that everything I said became obsolete about 6 days ago when Thesis 1.6 was released.